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Video: White Lady Who Lost Her Way In Lagos Says "I Know I Am Near My Home But I Can't See Very Well"

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This story is about a beautiful white lady who lost her way in the street of Lagos and she is without her phone as at that time she was confronted by a passerby who made a video of her while she was laying down helplessly on the ground.

NOTE: The photos in this article is used for illustrative purpose.

Lagos is a very big state in Nigeria and if as a Nigerian you are not careful enough you can lose your way, it's either you don't know where you are coming from or where you are going to. In this lady's case, she resides in Lagos and she has been going out and coming back to the house but unknown to her that a day is coming when she will be lost. The video below shows when the white lady was approached by a man who noticed something was wrong with her. According to the lady, she disclosed to the man that she was with her phone but she can't find it anymore. She further said to the man who approached her, "I know I am near my home but I can't see very well".

Watch Video Below:

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What do you think should be done in this regard?

Do you think the man should report to the police or take her to his house?

Let's know your opinion in this regard, and feel free to like, share, and follow me for more interesting stories, news, and updates... Thank you.

Photo Credit: Google.

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