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What Fulani Herdsmen Who Left Our Community Told Us About The New Set Of Herdsmen

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A rice farmer in Ondo State, identified as Amaka Okafor, has shared her horrible experience with a killer herdsman, who cut off her hand when she tried to prevent his cows from grazing her crops.

When asked about her experience with Fulani Herdsmen, the 35-year-old lady revealed in an interview that years ago Fulani Herdsmen who comes to graze on their farmland were not staying with them in the community. they only come and go back to their base and then there was peace in the community.

She said that when they wanted to feed their cattle, they would approach them and ask if they could buy the haystack (leftover grass of the rice). She said that at times they sell to them while other times, they give them freely.

She however revealed that things changed about six years ago when a new set of Fulani Herders came to the community. She narrated how they were warned by the Herdsmen who were with them before this new ones that the new fulani herdsmen coming were bad, dangerous and that they are foreigners.

Further adding that she was warned by the former Herdsmen that she should not keep any of her personal belongings including her processed rice in the farm anymore. She concluded saying that since the arrival of the new fulani herdsmen, the community has known no peace.

Insecurity in Nigeria today has become a major topic of discussion. Herdsmen violent conduct in rural communities is affecting economic activities because farmers can no longer visit their farmlands as they now dear for their lives.

I sincerely hope that the federal government look into this as soon as possible because the Agricultural sector is an integral sector to the Nation's economy. If farmers do not go to farm, there will be shortage of food produce and that inturn leads to starvation and low revenue for the government.

From the story shared by the lady, one can conclude that there are some good herdsmen around, just that the evil perpetuated by the bad ones is what makes some persons to conclude that all herdsmen are dangerous.

Do well to share your thought on this! What measures do you think the federal government should take towards ending the conflict between killer Herdsmen and farmers.

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