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When You Meet Your Old Classmates, Avoid Asking These Three Questions From Them - Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri is finally back with his inspiring words after going on a temporal break due to his involvement in the "Harass Buhari Out Of London" Protest. I guess this is a really good news to fans who can't just do without his daily nuggets. You're looking for words that could inspire and change your life? I think Reno Omokri is the right man to consult.

Earlier today, Reno Omokri felt the need to advise people who get carried away when they meet their old friends or classmates. You can deny that when you meet your old Classmates you always have that urge to ask them about their current status.

Reno Omokri said: "when you meet old classmates, whether at reunions or on a WhatsApp forum, avoid asking: What dou you do? Are you married? Where are you based?.

"Let them be the ones to volunteer that information. The only question you should ask is: How are you?".

I guess Reno Omokri is absolutely right about this. We all need to avoid asking questions that could make that old friend uncomfortable. It's clear that the only reason you would ask those questions is just to know the social status of your old friends. Why do you have to know about that?

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