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10 Reasons Why Ladies Reject Your Friendship Proposals

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All of your friends have a girlfriend; only you do not manage to achieve a reasonable relationship because the girl is unhooking you after the first date?

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1 Self-pity

Do you want to leave the impression of a spoiled little boy? And if you have any problems do not forget that you are not in a session with your psychologist, you are on the first date with a potential girlfriend. It is not attractive that you, on the first date start to complain and insult yourself and your life.

2 You only deal with the presumptions

Men should not assume that women do not like stories about cars, or whiskey, or football, just because they are women. Be clever with words and lead a comfortable conversation to figure out what it is that she likes and what not.

3.Making fun of her friends

Why do you think it’s fun when you insult her best friend? Put yourself in her situation: would you like her to talk that way about your best friend? This is a big “no” if you think about getting her for yourself. Please note that these friends existed in her life before she met you.

4. Indecency

Here is the increased scale of possible unpleasant moments. Whether it comes to outbursts of rage while driving, watching the waiter or seller askance or frequently disparage of people for no particular reason, most of the women do not like this.

5.Negative comments

If you want to win her attention, do not use negative comments, or to give her some humorous compliments that are funny only to you. The negative comments, especially on the first date will leave a terrible impression on her and will force her to run away far from you.

6.Too much pride

7. Thinking you are too handsome

8 Too tribalistic

9. Lack of enough attention

10. Not content with her body shape and weight