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3 Things It Means When Someone Tickles Your Hand During Greetings

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Handshake is the most common means of greeting someone, but sometimes the handshake can be very awkward and very unexpected, some handshakes can leave you in a dilemma wondering what it meant or what was the message behind it.

In this write-up we will look up into the most common one, or commonly known as the tickle, or in simpler words when one rubs their finger at your palm during a handshake, so if you have ever experienced it or noticed a guy or friend who does it, then the following are some reasons behind it.

1. Attracted to you

If someone tends to do it only to you and not to anyone else, higher chances are he/she is crushing on you, and it is time for you to pay some attention to his body language and also some other obvious facts.... Continue Reading for More information >>>