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5 Major Causes Of Air Plane Crashes You Should Know

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The untimely death of the Amry Chief of Staff, Late Lt. General Ibrahim Attahiru, and some of his entourage, came as a rude shock to the entire nation. They died in a plane crash on their way to Kaduna state to witness a passing parade of those passing out. 

This is not the first time that we have lost important personalities who died as a result of a plane or helicopter crash. Time will fail me to begin mentioning the names of many who have died in such similar crashes.

Out of the different types of accidents we have, aviation accident is the most dangerous of them all. It leaves no room for survival. Once a plane crashes, virtually all of the passengers on board will die, it takes God's grace for any to survive. The question is why do we have such terrible accidents? Does it mean that it is no longer safe to travel through the air? Of course not.

In this article, I shall be sharing with us some of the major causes of an aviation accident. So here are the top five most common causes of airplane crashes, and why it reinforces the need to mandate independent vehicles sooner rather than later:


Loss of control in-flight refers to an accident caused by the crew’s incapacity to maintain control of the aircraft. This has been the irresistible cause of all aviation accidents, so far. Certain things can lead to loss of control such as technical fault, anxiety, and bad weather condition especially heavy rainfall, windstorm, and haze could result in airplane crashes.


With about 50% fewer casualties, crashing into terrain is the second most widespread reason for aviation accidents. Also conveniently self-explanatory, these crashes are caused by pilots crashing the planes into the ground or water.


Nearly tied with the previous category of accidents, runway excursions can include aircraft that overshoot the runway (i.e., go off the end); undershoot the runway (impact before the runway), or those that impact the runway with too fast a descent rate causing damage or destruction of the aircraft.


Fourth on my list, making up just 12% of all crashes, are those accidents for which, admittedly, we do not yet know the cause. Sometimes certain things happen which can be tied to fate. We cannot just explain the reason for such sad occurrences.


The final category on the list, roughly tied with the unknown or undetermined causes of accidents system or component failures, or malfunctions with aircraft power plants, i.e. the engines.

All these factors responsible for aviation accidents can be avoided but not totally, except for the unknown or undetermined. Now, this does not suggest that traveling by air is a bad idea. It has its enormous benefits as well.