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5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed That Turn Off Men

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Lovemaking is a beautiful experience. It is something that brings two people close- physically and emotionally. However, if you are not satisfied with the experience then maybe you need to look into the matter

Women often crib about intimacy and things her man does wrong in the bed, So we thought it’s time we tell her the most common mistakes women make

1. Focusing on Body Flaws

A good thing about male compartmentalization is the joy of being present. In his mind, he is usually overjoyed at the opportunity to show his prowress

Women, meanwhile, are often in their heads worrying about their body flaws rather than feeling the same liberty of primal pleasure

This can be a turn off for men. 

2. Don’t smash their egos

If you didn’t like anything about what he did in bed, don’t make him feel like he is doing it wrong. Guidance is fine but don’t crush his ego while doing the same... Continue Reading for More Details >>>>