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A Lady is Asking For Help On National Television Has Left Many People Talking

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Source: #Single&Migle, DSTV, Channel 157 Moja Love

people Have Been Left Talking After A Lady Asked For help On National Television.

The Lady was At A Show Named Single&Migke Which Plays At a DSTV Channel 157, of Which The Show Is About Helping People who are actually tired of Being Single, but her Case Was Difgerent.

As The Lady Explained That She needed Help with Her Problem With Drinking, leaving Many People Really Wanting Her To Receive Help.

Many even Taged The Show Uyaphuza For Assistance As the Lady Was Seen To have been On The Wrong Show, another Thing Would Be The Fact That She Cried Asking for Help.

Which Was really Something Most People Saw That She Really Does Need, Not Many People Can Come Up And Say They Need Help But Her Being Able and Having The Courage To was What Gave Even People Hope.

Not Many People Come to A Show Asking For Help on Another Problem That They Have, hense Why the Moja Love channel Will Assist Her By Getting To Another Show thats Relevent To Her Problem.