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A mother narrates her pain after a fight between her 2 daughters turns deadly

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Tamati Tladi is a mother in distress.

On Sunday, she watched helplessly as her two girls fought each other to the death of the older sister.

In what she describes as a traumatic incident, the mother struggles to keep tears from running down her cheeks as she recounts the deadly scene. She was at another yard when she received a call from her grandchild about the fight.

26-year-old accused, Amogelang Tladi, now faces a charge of the murder of her older sister, Mmapula Tladi (29).

Cutting a lonely and confused figure, Amogelang appeared before Lobatse Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where her charge sheet was read out to her. Today she returns to court as the state, through the Police, is expected to make its submissions to oppose her bail.

In Ramatlabama, her mother - who is also preparing for the funeral of the other sister - tries to narrate details of the tragic incident to The Voice reporters.

“I am just from writing my statement with the police. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and this has really gotten to me. They are both my children, what am I supposed to do now?” the distraught mother asks rhetorically as the interview starts.

Initially, reluctant to speak to The Voice, the mother eventually breaks down and describes her deceased child as a ‘bully’ and the other child who is in prison as a victim of circumstances.

“The dead one is my first born child but she was a bully, she even bullied me, her own mother. My child made a mistake by killing her older sister because she was defending herself. I will tell you this, even as I arrived the deceased sister was beating her to a pulp.

 She locked her younger sister inside the house and gave her a serious beating,” the mother further states, adding that she could only wait outside helplessly as the fight went on for sometime.

Asked what could have caused the fight, the mother says: “They have been promising to kill each other since 2012. When I asked them what they were fighting for, I never got a clear answer. I take care of them both. I buy them food and I pay for their upkeep. I just don’t know what was wrong.”

According to the mother, her deceased older child was on and off depression medication.

Source: The Voice