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A transgender man gives birth to a baby boy

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After being criticized and mistreated by strangers, a transgender guy who gave birth says he won't do it again.

Wyley Simpson, 28, has welcomed a baby boy with fiancé Stephen Gaeth, who began transitioning from female to male at the age of 21.

When a transgender guy gave birth to a newborn boy, his joy knew no bounds. After being harassed and judged by strangers on a daily basis, he now acknowledges he would never do it again.

According to the Daily Mail, Wyley Simpson, 28, started transitioning from female to male at the age of 21 and later moved in with his fiance Stephen Gaeth, 28, in Texas.

Simpson was pregnant in February 2018, despite physicians' claims that he couldn't conceive because of his testosterone medication, which had caused him to cease having periods.

Despite experiencing cold feet and dealing with hatred and prejudice from random strangers on a regular basis, Wyley, who still has a vagina and female reproductive organs, pushed on with his pregnancy.

Rowan, their 7lb 5oz son, was born through emergency C-section in September 2018 to the 28-year-old couple. While Wyley says that all of the derogatory remarks were well worth it, he has decided not to do it again.

As they recently celebrated their son's six-month birthday, the couple opened up about what it's like to be pregnant and raise a child with a transgender parent.

Because it's not every day that someone sees a pregnant man going down the street, we got a lot of flak "Speaking of his ordeal, Wyley stated. "I was told I'd never be a man because'men don't have babies,' and everyone referred to me as 'it.'"

Wyley plans to complete the transition in the near future, having already had his female breasts removed, preventing him from breastfeeding his child. He hasn't had bottom surgery, which is a procedure that involves grafting a penis.

Wyley when she was a little girl (YouTube)

When Wyley first met Stephan, he revealed in an earlier interview with KENS5 that he hadn't had a menstrual period "in years." "We discussed testosterone and what it means to be a man.

Wyley quickly recognized he was suffering from morning sickness, and at 11 weeks, he discovered he was pregnant. "I was jittery. I was overcome with emotion and began to cry. He remarked about his unexpected pregnancy, "I didn't know what to do."

"I was already scared because this was my first pregnancy," he said of the unusual trip that followed. But I was also concerned since being a pregnant man carries with it a lot of stigma. The pregnancy had a toll on me emotionally, in addition to hearing harsh comments from others. Having been in the process of transitioning since I was 21, having a tangible baby belly was something so feminine that it messed with my mind.

It was a wonderful sensation to be able to carry Rowan, feel his kicks, and go to baby scans, but it isn't something I can do for the rest of my life. I don't think I'm any less of a man as a result of what happened, but I don't identify as feminine enough to be pregnant, so it won't happen again. But I'm grateful I got to experience something as incredible and natural as giving birth to my own child; it's undoubtedly strengthened my and Rowan's bond."