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Activist, Aisha Yesufu Speaks On Biafra Remembrance Day, Read What She Tweeted

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A well known human right activist, Aisha Yesufu has decided to speak. Aisha Yesufu is one lady who always speaks out when there is a need for her to do so. 

According to a tweet she made today, she decided to speak as it regards to Biafra remembrance day, being celebrated today, 30th of May.

While speaking, she made it known that we need to sit down as a nation and have the Biafran talk. Going further, she made it known that the atrocities must be acknowledged, apologies given, atonement made and commitment to never go that path again.

Ending her tweet, she stated that the generation coming after is deserve a clean air. #BiafraRemebranceDay.

Aisha Yesufu has made a good and important point here. We really need to sit down and talk about this Biafra issue. This is really getting out of hand seriously. The earlier we unite together, the better for us as a country.

Let there be justice and equity in the country, let all Nigerians be treated equally. This country called Nigeria belongs to all of us. Once there is equality in the country, you will then know that things will get better. God help us in this country.