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CCTV Footage: 54-Years Nanny Was Arrested For Killing An 11 Months Years Old Baby, See How She Killed Her

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The police raided a nurse at an Accra crèche who was raging angrily on an 11-month old new baby and reportedly murdered her during bottle feeding. 

Clara Ayani-Ampah, 54, was imprisoned when the kid's parents complained that she was being killed on a video with a CCTV (closed-circle) set in a rooms at the Happy Bloomers Creche at Agbogba. 

Little Allegra was declared dead by the creche supervisors Yaba Ackah Mensah at North Legon Hospital. 

CCTV Services 

In a tastefully decorated classroom with two other children, the CCTV video quoted by the Kingsparo News showed the victim.

One infant was laying on the ground in a cage, with tiny Allegra seated on a chair, and the other lay neglected to. 

Classroom: The nanny can be seen coming back with a glass quickly and wiping up tissues of the carpet. 

Following on, she tried to shove porridge into the throat of the victim's cup and hung her hands tightly. 

In a bid to get the young girl to sip the porridge, Clara was also seen shoving the head of the child into the cup, while the hapless infant, who seemed choking, cried and threwned her legs into the sky with ferocity.

Reports by Father 

Accra's Regional Police Command Officer In Charge, Ms Effia Tenge, Deputy Police Surintendent (DSP) stated a briefing on the matter was sent for advisory to the Ministry of the Prosecution. 

Sche told the police that the school manager called him on 18 May in the year and claimed his kid was ill and had been sent to North Legon Hospital where she had been declared dead upon there, the father of the deceased told Agbogba Police. 

A police research team went to the emergency room, checked the infant's corpse and transported her to the mortuary of the Police Hospital. 

An examination on the corpse was performed later on, however the result was not available