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Check Out What This Guy Was Spotted Doing To A Lady In Public; Video Goes Viral [Click To Watch]

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In public, we should be aware of what we do and how we act. A man was seen touching a woman in public, and she did not respond or intervene.

According to the video, his friend, who was sitting on a stool, saw what he was doing and warned him, but he refused to stop. Twitter users, on the other hand, have reacted angrily to this. Some blamed the woman, while others ridiculed the man.

He shouldn’t have done that in public, even though the woman in the video is his girlfriend. We should be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

I thought they said that as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, people can do whatever they want?

Wasn’t it said that women should do whatever they want with their bodies?

I thought they said we shouldn’t pass judgment on people or what they do with their bodies.