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Checkout 3 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success At A Young Age

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To be successful in life at a very young age is what we all dream of and only a few get there especially in this part of the world . The reason being many of us tend to approach this idea of success wrongly and end up finding ourselves not moving forward even after so many years.

So to be successful, here are some things you need to do. They might seem like small steps, but you will definitely be proud of yourself when you start seeing results. 

Set Long Term Goals

Successful people understand this principle and maximise it as much as they can. They set long term goals towards their long term visions and gradually work their way up. How? A simple tip to setting a long term goal is to create a picture in your head of where you want to be five years from now, think of what you’ll need to be there in three years and six months and write it down. 

Divide all that you have written down into months counting down to the 3 years and six months target and start working on it. At the end of each month, go back to that sheet and mark out any one you’ve achieved while you try the ones you didn’t get done again. You can also go to the next one if possible so you don’t waste time and in one year you will be surprised how far you’ll have come. 

Manage Your Time Well

We all have moments in our lives when we are too tired or rather too lazy to do something very important and decide to push it a bit forward just to end up not doing it. A typical example is snoozing the 5:30am alarm for 10 minutes only to end up waking up past 7am. That hour and 30 minutes is time wasted and can never be gotten back. 

One thing successful people don’t joke with is their time. As a matter of fact, they see time as money and wasting it is like throwing cash in fire which can never be recovered. When you’re young, you develop a sense that time is infinite and you can do what you want when you want but as you get older, you start to realise that time could be the most valuable asset you’ll ever have and how you spend it will determine the outcome of the rest of your life. So think twice about how you spend your time and what you dedicate your energy doing. Focus your time on what matters more to your future while paying attention to the present.

Surround Yourself With People Of Like Minds

Who are your friends, who are your mentors and who do you spend most of your time with? Believe it or not, your environment has a very big impact on you and it will always affect what you become in the future so when you surround yourself with people that are better than you, over time you will find out that you’re starting to behave like them.

Have you ever asked yourself why people selling the same products are always in the same lane at the market? It’s because they know they need each other. You can never find those selling fabrics and those selling kitchen utensils in one particular line of the market or just scattered randomly all over the market. Be around people that are better than you in every field Just as the popular saying goes ‘’ birds of the same feather flock together’’, it’s no different for humans too. You can’t be amongst fishermen and expect to be an astronaut.

So if you want to be successful at an early age, you need to be around people who are of like minds; are already where you want to be and who are for similar goals as you. 

Do you find this helpful or do you think they’re better ways to set yourself up for success?