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Doctor Advises Ladies What To Do After Lovemaking

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A medical doctor has advised ladies that they should make sure they urinate immediately after lovemaking. The doctor made the information available via his official twitter handle. 

The doctor further explained that urinating can help flush out the bacteria that may have entered the urine pipe (urethra) during lovemaking.

He also revealed that urinating can prevent infections from getting urinary tract.

Bacteria, also called germs, are microscopic organisms not visible with the naked eye. Bacteria can live in a variety of environments, from hot water to ice. These organisms can live in soil, the ocean and inside the human gut. Some bacteria are good for you, while others can make you sick. 

It is important to keep oneself from being infected with any bacteria. Therefore you should follow the advice given by the medical practitioner. 

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Below is the tweet of the medical doctor;