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Don't Mix Alcoho With Energy Drinks, You Are Digging Your Grave Slowly

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Caffeinated cocktails are a popular trend among young adults in the world , but the combination is ill-advised. Research indicates that combining energy drinks and alcohol can lead to risky behavior and dangerous drinking practices. Alcoholic energy drinks may even change brain neurochemistry in adolescents in much the same way cocaine does.

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a common practice in the world, especially among young people. more than one-third of young adults between the ages of 19 and 28 said they’d consumed alcohol with energy drinks, and 13 percent of eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders have drunk alcohol and energy drinks together.

But a growing body of evidence shows that spiking your Red Bull with vodka can be dangerous and even deadly.

1. Suppression of effects: Combining alcohol with a stimulant drug can lead to the suppression of the effects of alcohol, which can result in a person using more alcohol than they normally would. This can lead to problems with alcohol poisoning or even overdose on alcohol, which can have fatal effects.

2. No sobering effects: Many of the major ingredients in energy drinks, such as caffeine, actually have no effect on the metabolism of alcohol. Combining them with alcohol does not help an individual to “sober up,” as many individuals mistakenly believe. 

This can lead to the mistaken notion that a person can drink more alcohol when using these substances... Continue Reading for More Details >>>