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Escaped Abductee Reveals What Kidnappers Told Him About The Source Of Their Weapons

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A man identified as Julius John who was kidnapped two weeks after his wedding but later escaped from kidnappers' den after spending six weeks, has narrated his ordeal with his abductors.

In an interview conducted by Armstrong Kakam, John recounts his experience with the armed men as well as revealing what they told him about the source of their weapon. When asked about the kind of ammunition he saw them with, John made mention of AK 47 and AK-47 riffle.

Speaking further, he said they told him in Hausa dialect that “gwamnati ke bamu su, Muna da kudin sayan su ne?” meaning "It is the government that gives us the weapons; do we have the money to buy them?”

He added that his abductors were very young, with the oldest suspected to be about 27 years old.


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The state of Insecurity in Nigeria is very worrisome as all parts of the country is no longer safe. The Federal Government and all relevant stakeholders are up and doing to ensure that peace is restored to the nation.

I will strongly advise that at this trying time, we all should be very careful with everything we do. The places we go to, the company we keep and a close view on our immediate environment to ensure that we keep ourselves safe and protected from any form of harm.