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Father, 2 Sons And Daughter Serving Life Imprisonment. HERE IS WHY

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Kenyans have been left in shock after a story of a family comprising of a father, two sons and a daughter, all from Eldoret, who have been jailed for life emerged on YouTube and social media platforms, courtesy of Simon Kibe of Inooro TV.

The reporter interviewed them, while they are in prison. The father and his two sons are in the same prison, but the daughter is in a different prison

From their narration, their misfortune that saw them end up in jail started after their mother allegedly fell ill, and was hospitalized in several hospitals including Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

Due to the suffering, the doctor advised them that their mother was getting worse and may die since both her legs had been amputated. Later, one of the neighbours publicly confirmed that he was the one who bewitched their mother.

The residents and neighbours became infuriated and attacked the man, beating him up, and later set him ablaze. As the investigations were done, the family were the prime suspects since the whole story was involving their family member

They were therefore charged in court and were later sentenced to a life imprisonment. They were not even able to attend the burial of their mother, since they were in custody.