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Female Students Of The University Of Abuja Lament Over CCTV Cameras In Their Hostel

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The female students of the University of Abuja have spoken out against the CCTV cameras that the school authorities installed in some areas of the school's females hostel. Meanwhile, the students accused one of the security officers of the university of extorting them through the use of the CCTV cameras. 

The authorities of the school, UNIABUJA, had installed CCTV cameras in some strategic places of the school's female hostel to monitor those set of female students who go against the school's rules and regulations, to take their bath in the areas of the hostel where bathing is prohibited. 

Meanwhile, when lodging their complaints in one of school's lecturer's office, the lady that spoke on behalf of other students lamented that it is bad enough that the school authorities see nothing wrong with having male security officers being in charge of the CCTV cameras installed to monitor the privacy of female students. 

She narrated an incident in which a man who is one of the university's security officers entered into the females hostel and instructed two female students to follow him. She said the ladies just finished bathing at the time, and begged the security man to allow them to dress up before following him, which she said he initially declined. 

The lady said the security man later allowed one of the ladies to go and pick their clothes, while he retained the second one. She mentioned that other female students have gathered by the time the two ladies were ready to follow the security man to the CCTV monitoring room, as demanded by him, and they volunteered to follow them. 

She said the man actually allowed the two ladies to enter the monitoring room with him, while he shut the other students out. She said, while inside the monitoring room, the security man showed the two ladies how they were bathing outside the school hostel where bathing was prohibited. 

She said one of the two female students later came out to address her fellow students to calm down that they were trying to beg the security man as two of them could be rusticated if the school authorities get to know about what they did. 

She said that was when other female students got angry and commotion ensued. She said other security men soon came with guns and big sticks meant to disperse them from the place. She said they beat many of them in the process, including one pregnant student. 

Meanwhile, a man who is also one of the school's security men said that was not the first time that that particular security man would do such thing. "It is not today that it started. We warned him not to show the privacy of women, we warned him for that." The man said.

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