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Good News To Woman Caught Breastfeeding Her Baby During Football Match

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A photo of a footballer who was caught breastfeeding her baby at halftime while wearing her team’s kit went viral.

The 11th of March, Winnie Wangui Kamau followed in the wake of the photo that sparked debate about the different challenges mothers face when raising their children.

“The image was captured during a match between her team Njabini Women and Karangatha Women, hosted by Nyandarua representative Faith Gitau to celebrate International Women’s Day,” Wangui explained

Many Netizens were touched to see how much she still cared and managed to feed her baby despite being so much involved in the football. Many people have now come out and offered to help her

Maasai Safaris has given her alot of gifts together with a free ticket for a trip. She will not be required to pay anything and she will be accommodated together with her baby during that time.

She will be required to make a choice where she would love to travel.

Many sponsors are likely to come out to support her In solidarity with women facing similar challenges.

In the corporate world, things aren’t much better because only a handful of private and public organizations have breastfeeding rooms, with most breastfeeding mothers returning to work after three months of maternity leave but having to express milk in their car, in their own bathroom. office or meeting rooms.