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Husband Pours ACID To Wife For Refusing To Abort Pregnancy For 5TH Child

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The story of a woman known as Alexia has really touched me and at one pint felt like crying. She paid the price for her baby to survive up to date.

Alexia was married and together with her husband were blessed with5 children. trouble ensued after she became pregnant with the 5th child and her husband was not happy about it

Her husband demanded that Alexia procures abortion because they will not be able to take care of 5 children. According to him, they had already failed to take care of existing 4 children.

She refused the offer as she did not want kill innocent soul and requested her husband to accept it and they will take care of their children usual way.

The following day she went to work as usual though pregnant but her husband stayed unusually at home. After work she came home very tired and found her husband had already prepared supper for their children and thought all was well.

At night the husband attacked her with acid which disfigured her body. Some acid also splashed back to the husband and they were both screaming for help.

Because of her serious injuries, she stayed in comma for two month.Because she was pregnant, doctors advised that she procures abortion to save her life but she refused and said if it was death, let her die with her child.

Her husband recovered and disappeared from hospital for fear of being sent to prison.

She gave birth to baby by surgery and doctors were amazed by the miracle they had never seen. Everything was successful.

As christian she has already forgiven her husband but is looking for help to have surgery because she is going through a lot of pain and she has 5 children that depend solely on her .