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I Don't Have Anywhere to Go But I'm Happy I am Free - Man Kicked out of His House in UK says [Watch Video]

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According to a video that was posted by postsubman on Twitter, a man who was thrown out of his marital home by United Kingdom cops, rejoiced he was thrown out of the house because he has been trying his possible best to leave the house but, he could not do it alone.

In what he said, he made it known that living with his wife was hell experience for him because, she will never allow her to bring any of his friends to their house, aside this, he is always the one cleaning their house and that, he was the one helping her to pay her mortgage every month but, whenever they have issue, she do threaten him a lot.

The man claimed that, he was happy that the police set him free from his wife because, he has never enjoyed his life inside the house, as he further made it known when he was waiting for cab that, his properties were still inside the house because the cab can't carry all of it but, he is not bothered, as he had given her the remaining properties.

He also made it known that he doesn't have anywhere he was going as at the time he was making that video but, he was happy he was already leaving the house.