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I don't know what is happening to my children - Woman cries out as her 2 kids become disabled

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She did everything possible to make sure that their births were given adequate attention right from the pregnancies. She enrolled for antenatal procedures and no complications were recorded throughout the period. The first child identified as Julius came hail, sound and healthy. 

After 3 years, she was blessed with another child. They are all male children. They were fully immunized against poliomyelitis but surprisingly, when Julius and young brother turned 5 and 3 respectively, they started displaying body weakness. It was such a mystery because both exhibited the rare symptoms at the same time! 

The woman explained that she didn't waste time in taking them to hospital for examination. After a thorough medical check up, the doctor couldn't fathom out the causes. Though they were given medications but their conditions were getting worse on a daily basis. It got to a point that they couldn't move around due to great pains as their spinal cords were being curved!

At the moment, they hardly talk and it takes a lot of efforts before one can understand them. They stay indoors throughout the day since they can't do anything on their own or help their mother. Sadly enough, they keep asking the time they would go back to school, a question so difficult to answer!

There are apparently a lot of diseases going around Africa. These children are suffering unimaginable health challenges. But seeing smiles on their faces, it shows how strong and resilient they are. Yes, it could have been a sort of muscle weakness diseases. It is crazy how they don't know much over there. 

Julius's Photo before becoming disable

I feel bad for this woman and those poor kids. However, can we look into the immunization that were given? Some have been reported as being very strong, with terrible results in Africa. The boys should have recliners in addition to wheelchairs. Best wishes to this family!