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I killed my friend and sold his body Organs to a Pastor in Port Harcourt

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A man known as Okpegboro Avwerosuo has confessed that he killed his friend and sold his body parts to a pastor in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Okpegboro Avwerosuo who resides in Sagbama Town, Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, had invited his friend to come over and stay with him in Sagbama Town.

According to reports, Okpegboro invited his friend to come and join the motorcyclist business and assured him that the business is booming due to the Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro College of Education (IJBCOE) that is located in the area.

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The victim arrived the town and it did not take up to two weeks before Okpegboro Avwerosuo killed him and removed his organs.

A neighbor had suspected something unusual while Okpegboro Avwerosuo was trying to dispose of the remaining part of the victim's corpse early in the morning.

The said neighbor forced his way into Okpegboro Avwerosuo's apartment and saw blood stains everywhere without seeing the victim, he held Okpegboro Avwerosuo down and alerted the local vigilante who eventually called the police to arrest him.

Just before he was handed over to the police, he confessed that he killed his friend and sold his organs to a pastor who stays in Port Harcourt.

This is very shocking, indeed the wickedness of some humans is beyond the ordinary. We should be careful who we call friends and who we decide to live together.

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