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I Meet My Husband After Dailing Wrong Number

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A story of a beautiful Kenyan lady who got herself a husband after she made a mistake while making a call to her mother has been trending for weeks in the social media platforms.

Concilia was interviewed by Dangic TV and her story uploaded on YouTube, where she narrated her life history, starting from her schooling years and the after school life, where she initially worked as a house help

Her life started changing when a friend approached her in secret, and advised her to find a job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, she was adamant to take the offer but later she was convinced. She therefore found herself going to Saudi Arabia where she was to work as a house help.

After four years of hard work and suffering at the hands of her employers, she returned back to Kenya and later went back to Saudi Arabia for four more years. While working, she once came across a number of a Kenyan called Daniel Gichuhi on YouTube who ended up helping her while abroad

While in Saudi Arabia, she dialled a wrong number, which was answered by a man who was in Kamiti Maximum Prison. They ended up being friends, and she decided to seek for a lawyer to represent him to find his way out of prison.

Finally, the man was released following a successful appeal with the help of the lawyer. They later married, and are currently living as husband and wife