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I Was Born HIV Positive, Got Pregnant At 14 and I Slept With Men For Money Because Of This [Watch Video]

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A lady explains, "I was conceived HIV positive, got pregnant at 14 years old, and slept with people for food to finance my kids." 

Regina Ng'endo was born and raised in Lamu County, Kenya. She was raised by a single mother until she was 8 years old, when she perished. 

Madam Regina moved live with her grandmother. In second grade, she felt ill and was brought to the hospital. After repeated tests, her grandparents were informed that she was HIV positive. She was prescribed various drugs that she needed to take on a regular basis. 

Madam Regina claims she questioned her grandfather why she needs to take so many pills when she isn't in discomfort, but he didn't react.

She tried to investigate the doctor why, at the age of 13, she was prescribed many tablets per month. He calmed her down and kindly explained that she was HIV-positive and that she needed to take her medicine regularly. 

When she was 14, she made friends with a guy she meet on a transport. The very next day, he came to see her and they had a good time by the roadside. She got pregnant, which was unfortunate. 

Her baby's father encouraged her to go to the coastline and live there because he was afraid of being detained and prosecuted in a court of law. Following 9 months of pregnancy, she delivered birth to a beautiful, bouncy baby girl.

As per the young mother, she sometimes used beg meals from a guy who advised her to market herself like other women do. She joined a group of ladies on a neighboring lane who were looking for guys. 

She claimed that if she told some men about her condition, they could refuse to defend her. 


She conceived her second kid and delivered birth to a beautiful tiny girl. She explained how one of her kids became sick and a neighbor advised her to send him to the clinic or to a temple. She took him to church while he was sleeping, and the small kid went home determined after being cared for.