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I Went To Visit My Best Friend And Found That My Husband Sleeps There Everytime

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A pastor by the name Joyce Wanjiru has emotionally narrated how her husband cheated on her with her best friend whom she had introduced to him.

According to pastor Joyce they would sometimes visit her friend and most of the time they went to solve her marital problems not knowing that her husband had been cheating on her.

She claims on weekends her husband would leave home on Friday and she would return back home on Monday morning and she never bothered to ask him where he was spending his nights since she trusted him.

This became a habit and she was forced to go to her best friend to share the problem she was facing in her marriage since she trusted her.

On arriving at her friend’s house, she was not there but she managed to speak with her kid and she was shocked after the kid told her that her husband had been spending his night with her mum.

She was angry and she immediately drove to where her best friend was but on interrogating her she denied the accusations but when she asked her husband he told her the whole truth.

This shocked her and she cried alot but since she still loved her husband, she forgave him and they continued with their marriage life as usual.