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If Your Gas Cooker Catches Fire, Do Not Panic, Do These Things To Quench The Fire

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Gas Cylinder and cooker are kitchen equipments that most people cannot do without, in the olden days most people make use of firewood and coal for cooking, but due to civilization a lot of people have been making use of gas cooker because it has lots of advantages, but we all know that there is no good thing that doesn't have disadvantages and the main disadvantage of gas cooker is explosion. Gas Explosion is not rampant but if you are making use of gas, it is good to know what to do in case your gas cooker catches fire.

Here are the major things to do to quench fire on your gas cooker.


Dont Panic

People tend to panic when they are in a difficult situation, but the best thing to do in these kind of situation is to relax because that is the only way to think clearly.


Switch Off The Gas Cooker

The second step to take is to switch off the gas cooker, because the fire might not go off if the gas cooker is on and things may get worst.


Get A Very Thick Cloth Or Towel

The next step to take is to take a very thick cloth or towel and dip it in a bowl of water filled with detergent.


Cover The Gas Cooker With The Wet Cloth Or Towel

Cover the gas cooker with the towel and wait for the fire to quench, but make sure the gas cylinder is off while doing this.

If you follow these steps carefully then your mind will be at rest, so don't panic whenever your gas cooker catches fire.

Now that we have seen what to do to quench the fire, let's take a look at what to do to avoid gas explosion because prevention is better than cure.


Always turn off your gas cooker after cooking.

Most people always forget to turn off their gas cooker after cooking which is not right, always remember to turn off your gas cooker because leaving it on can lead to gas explosion.


Make sure your burner and nozzle are not faulty.

Always ensure that your burner and nozzle are not faulty because faulty nozzle and burner can lead to gas explosion.


Always check your gas and hose for leakage.

Make sure your gas and hose don't have holes or leakage because this can lead to gas explosion.

Please follow these steps to avoid gas explosion and follow the steps above in case your gas cooker catches fire.

Remember, do not panic.

Thank you for reading, please share to educate others.