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Igbo Man Who Converted To Islam Narrates What His Daughter Told Him When He Asked Her For Food Items

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Following an investigation which was made by Daily Trust, it has been discovered that Igbo Muslims go through a lot of challenges in the South-East as a result of their conversion to Islam. 

Many of them have been sharing their stories, recounting how they have been marginalized by their own people. 

Some of them lamented that they are now being referred to as Hausa people because their people have refused to understand that they were Igbos before they became Muslims.

One of those who has a bitter story to tell about his conversion is a man known as Zakari Ekeledo.

Zakari Ekeledo practically lost his family after he chose to become a Muslim 30 years ago.

Zakari converted to Islam in Benue State 30 years where he was doing business as a vehicle spare parts dealer. But soon after his conversion, his wife left him, and since then he has not heard from her. Not only did his wife leave him, his eight children also left him as soon as his wife left.

Zakari Ekeledo has been feeding with the help of the Muslim community, and he is grateful to Allah for the help and miracles He has been bringing to him over the years.

Zakari narrated what his daughter told him sometime ago when he asked her to help him with food items. He said that his daughter has been in the United States for over 30 years, and has never sent even fifty dollars to him, not to talk of five dollars. He said that during a particular season, he asked his daughter to help him with food items, and she told him that hunger does not kill.

Many Igbo Muslims have revealed that they face lots of persecution and marginalization because of their choice of religion. Some of them say that they are not given employment in public offices, and that they are not being employed by the state government in the South-East, and that the only opportunity they get as Igbo Muslims in the entire South-East region is in the Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board.

The story of Zakari Ekeledo is a sad one - the story of a man who lost his wife and children because he chose to exercise his right of freedom of religion.

According to the report by Daily Trust, several other Igbo Muslims had other frustrating stories to tell about the challenges they have been facing in the South-East because they chose to become Muslims. Many of them even had to relocate to the North because of the persecutions in the South-East.

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