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It Ended In Tears: Young Man Delivers Surprise Gift To His Girlfriend, Check What Happed [Watch Video]

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As the event was also being captured on tape, a man's pleasant present for his loved girlfriend went horribly wrong. 

The guy had purchased a basket and booked a musician to suprise his lover, only to find her in bed with another man. 

She tried everything she could to persuade the man that she could explain things, but he was taken aback and fled away. 

A guy from Ghana prepared a Thanksgiving Day treat that turned into tears when he lost his temper in a viral video.

All of this occurred after the woman he was intended to impress was discovered in bed with another man in B3d. 

The husband had a guitarist playing and taking the lead into the woman's home for him to present the present basket he had purchased for her, according to a clip published online by Flying News.

The entire scenario was recorded on film to be cherished as a lovely Thanksgiving Day, but the woman was found with a male who was not wearing clothes after coming to the flat.