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It’s not an attempt but a reality - Dele Momodu replies Presidency on Open Grazing Law in South West

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Presidency frown at the open grazing law that the south West Governors made which restrict the activities of the herdsmen in the region.

Some days ago the southwest governors concluded that henceforth herdsmen won’t be allowed to lead their cattle to open grazing again and that if anybody wants to rare cattle, it should be done in a modernized way.

The Presidency felt this might be against the constitution that gives Nigerians the right to move to any part of the country, Presidency felt the South West Governors are just trying to demonstrate their power as the Governors.

Reacting to the speech, Dele Momodu who was a former presidential candidate and also a Journalist made it known that it’s not an attempt but a reality and that the cattle business is not superior to other businesses in Nigeria, he made it known that government as little say on private businesses.