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Lady Destroys Her Man’s Car, Fridge, Other Items After She Caught Him Cheating [Watch Video]

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Tragedy as Woman, after she detected her husband cheating, destructed the car and the refrigerator, other home objects. 

In a video rampaging and damaging the property of his partner, an irate woman was seen as having found that he slept with other ladies. 

Her boiling rage was spiraling away when she shattered his car's windscreen and glass before entering the house. 

She began to ruin practically everything in his room when she directed her fury and wrath on her electrical devices, starting with his fridge.

Her behavior split opinions online because most said she may be furious, but gone much further. 

The man's query, though, wasn't there, and a neighbor needed to intervene and ask her to halt the destruction. When the man arrived to the scene he tried to beg her to calm down so that they can talk but she refused, just by looking at the video and how the man reacted you can tell that he’s not really a bad guy, if it was someone they’d have beat her for this.

It’s okay to be angry after being cheated but this is way too much, she must arrested for this because if the man beat her they will arrest him for gender based violence.

To my fellow man out there, stop dating psychos, some women can evil kill you for a little thing.