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Lady Who Burnt The Head Of Her Niece After Accusing Her Of Being A Witch Pleads For Mercy [Watch Video]

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A video that's currently making rounds on social media shows the moment a TV Presenter brutally slapped a lady during an interview. 

The TV presenter identified as Ahmed Isah, the President of Brekete radio could be seen in the video interviewing a lady who reportedly set a little girl's head on fire after accusing her of being a witch.

It was reported that she tied the little girl and set her head on fire, photos shared on social media show the bad state of the child's head, thankfully no damage could be seen on her face and body.

The lady identified as Susan said she didn't know what came over her as she was being interviewed by Ahmed, when she was asked who told her that the child is a witch, she said no one told her.

Susan however pleaded for mercy, she said she didn't know what happened or what came over her. 

After hearing Susan's pleadings, Ahmed unleashed two brutal slaps on her face which sent an object flying off her hands.

I have uploaded the video on Instagram... here is the link to watch video >>>>

It was also stated that the little girl is the daughter of Susan's brother.

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