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Lord Have Mercy - See What Was Discovered After A Building Collapsed (Photos And Details)

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I often took time to say to my Ghanaian friends that renting a flat without appropriate examination of the building they want to rent is an important mistake. Because many engineers don't need longer than planned to develop robust buildings.

The way we do unusual things in our own days is now becoming scary and uncomfortable. This post will open your eyes in search of a rental building. You learn how to examine and discover the original construction of the home in this article, as the renter or caretaker who sees the building in which you are able to live.

You should generally inspect the building you move to extensively. Test the ceiling, power, use a hammer and nail to verify the wall strength to avoid the collapse of any form. As the photographs and facts in this story disclose the new building, which fell after the structure was purportedly totally furnished, but the ultimate product is nothing to describe.

According to the photographs, the beauty of the structure can be clearly seen and it is difficult to comprehend that the structure is built of "red mude" and sand, rather than blocks and cement. Since then, many web users have been aware of the photographs from the event, who continued to question why anybody is building this sort of house with inferior materials. The contractor had to find an alternative, otherwise to cut some costs but look at the result of his intellect.

The photographs below:

Frankly speaking, it is the Lord Almighty who has ensured that the building hasn't collapsed totally. It was a miracle, certainly. You can picture the consequence of this situation if someone died unexpectedly after the building fell. When there was a reported injury, I suppose that the contractor and the owner of the building would answer some questions at the police station.

Who would blame you on your own observations for this? The owner of the collapsed building or the building engineer?

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