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Man Impregnates His Mother-in-law

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What could have gone through a man's mind by sleeping with his wife and mother-in-law at the same time to the extent that he got the latter pregnant? 

Religious leaders often say when the world is going to an end, many unthinkable abominations would be happening on daily basis. Can we now say the end time is here? 

The father-in-law, Samson Njenga, became worried after his wife told him about the pregnancy! She never knew that Samson had, before then secretly gone for male birth control (Implants) without letting her know! This, therefore called for unraveling the owner of the pregnancy!

He further revealed that it was his wife who first refused to have another child again! This was why he decided to go for contraception though she knew nothing about the time he did it! 

However, when the news of his wife being pregnant broke out, he confronted her and she admitted to cheating but did not reveal the man behind the pregnancy.

Her refusal to disclose the owner made the man to threaten her with divorce. This then propelled her to invite Mwangi (the son-in-law) and his daughter. After they arrived, the mother-in-law confessed to sleeping with the son and got pregnant for him. 

After much consultations with the members of both families, the mother-in-law will have to abort the baby following the right government procedures and the Kikuyu customs in Kenya!