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Married Man Who Killed His 25 year old Girlfriend Has Been Arrested After Burning Her Corpse

As a culture, we understand that murder is a grave global wrong. Nothing absolves a person of murder. His acting inspiration is mediocre at best. How could a grown man assassinate his better half over a simple miscommunication? A screen grab of the expired and the suspect is included below:

A married man has been apprehended for the death of his sweetheart, according to an instablog account.

He murdered his girlfriend and tried to dispose of her corpse, but mud thwarted his scheme. When he approached the corpse to dispose of it, his vehicle got trapped in the mud, forcing him to run, leaving both the carcass and the vehicle behind. He was apprehended by DCI after he was detected using telephone signals. 

His better half's body was found with several wounds, indicating that she had been tortured prior to her death. 

What are your views on this as a reader? 

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