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May Allah grant us husbands that will marry us even if it is on credit - Laila of Labarina

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Laila of Labarina spoke about marriage today in one of her posts, she tweeted in Hausa but am translating it into English language, she said "May Allah grant us husbands that will marry us even if it is on credit", this shows how the actress is determined to get married. 

It is known that marriage on credit is allowed Islamically, but it is rare nowadays because most people marrying are expected to be wealthy enough to pay for ladies dowry or bride price without any debt. 

Maryam Wazeery who is known as Laila of Labarina is fond of speaking about marriages and relationships, because the series she appeared in that made her famous was focused on relationship and love treachery. She is a good actress and a perfect one in terms of playing the roles in films and movies. 

Laila's statement doesn't mean that she doesn't have a suitor, but she is taking her time to select the best suitor that suits her lifestyle, and hopes to marry and live forever in marriage. 

That was what Laila said, but what is your view on her saying, drop your comments down below, like and share the article for others to see.