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Me & My Sister Have Been Living Inside The Bush Since 2017 When We Came To The City For A Job - Lady

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This life is incredibly difficult, nobody must inform you. Some folks witness their fellows heading to the city and assume that they're all about traveling to the city. A lot of parents will be like 'Emeka has flown back to Lagos today, notice the expenses he got for his mother.' Do you know what Emeka is doing in Lagos?

You may indeed generate riches everywhere in the globe, whether it's in the hamlet or in the town. Some folks will merely travel to the city assuming you are going to load money like sand, as you stepped into the metropolis.

This is the situation with two young South African sisters who left their hometown in search of a job. According to them, they fled their town in 2017, yet everything was hard for them once they walked into the town. They were not able to purchase a shelter, they had no other alternative than to live within a bush.

They lived inside the bush without anyone knowing it. You could not find a job, you couldn't afford a shelter, and perhaps because of transit fees, you couldn't return to your village. I don't know how they were located, but when people learned they were genuinely living in the woods they told their story. Please give me a remark, like, share and follow me.