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Meet The Man Who Has Not Take His Bath for 65 years Now, He is Looking for Wife

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Nowadays the prospect of weeks on end without bathing seems unthinkable .But not everybody has a nose for modern views on cleanliness. One of those undoubtedly sturdy noses belongs to an Iranian villager named Amou Haji.

Regarded as world dirtiest man , Amou Haji had told the Tehran Times that he hadn’t bathed in about 65 years. That totally crushes the previous record set by Kailash Singh of India, who apparently went unwashed for 38 years.

Amou hasn’t bathed for nearly seven decades because he is scared of water. He believes that if he will bath, he will fall ill. Cleanliness brings him sickness.

His favourite meal is rotten meat of dead animals, especially porcupines. He loves smoking but it is not tobacco that he enjoys. He prefers to smoke animal faeces out of a rusty pipe.

Amou lives alone in the Iranian desert but he is looking for love and claims he has lived for long time because he has not showed.

Amou does not own a home and he lives in holes made in the desert outside the village. It is learnt that the villagers had built a hut for Amou but he decided not to live there.

According to local people, Amou suffered an emotional setback when he was young and this is the reason why he decided to spend the rest of his life alone.

Though his lifestyle is unusual, he doesn’t appear to harm anyone. So at least his conscience is probably clean.

If you are single and searching, you can have a chat with him.