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My Husband and 10 Family Members Died on My Bride Price Payment Ceremony

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A touching story of a woman from Bahati Constituency, Nakuru County whose husband and 10 other family members and friends died on her dowry payment ceremony day has been trending on YouTube for several months, after it was covered and uploaded online by KD Tv.

Tabitha Muthoni got married in 2009, lived happily with her family, where she was blessed with several children. In 2014, they decided to formalize their marriage by following the stages of a traditional Kikuyu marriage ceremony, where the dowry payment forms its peak.

The day came when her husband’s family came to her parents home so as to pay her dowry, which they did without any hitch. However, the misery came when they were going back home, when an accident happened,

After reaching the accident scene, what she saw was unbelievable because her brother-in-law confirmed that her husband was no more.

The accident left her a widower, single parent, and the stress of dealing with the speculations that broke heart since she was being blamed to be behind the accident.

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