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No force on Earth or in Heaven will stop us, we will stand up and fight and defend our own. - FFK

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Femi Fani Kayode in an interview today on AIT reveals that the Southwest will rise to the occasion and defend itself if the government fails to protect the region from the hands of savages and other terrorist group.

According to the Former Aviation Minister, the Southwest will not easily be led to the slaughter should the government failed to protect the region from terrors unleashed by the Killer herdsmen, Bandits, and Boko Haram, like it is currently going on in Niger State and some part of the North.

Speaking on AIT news, on what the Southwest will do since the steps taking by the government to secure the West seems not enough, Fani Kayode said: "We (Southwest) will stand up and fight those who seek to eliminate and wipe us out of the surface of the Earth, We will stand up and fight and defend our own."

Fani Kayode also took to Twitter to highlight the wordings of his interview on AIT with a tweet to consolidate on what he believes the Yoruba People will do as a measure to protect itself from the invasion of the Terrorist terrorizing the Southwest.

He tweeted: today on the security situation in Nigeria. "We will not go down quietly like lambs to the slaughter. If the Govt. refuses to do so, no force on earth or in heaven or hell can stop us from defending ourselves."

Recall that Fani Kayode has never denied his support for the creation of a Yoruba Nation and was among the first of the Southwest elite to speak up for Sunday Igboho.

Once again, Fani Kayode has spoken the minds of the majority of the Southwest people who feel the government jas not done enough to secure and protect the West from the Killers parading themselves as herdsmen and Bandits only to cause mayhem and havoc.

In the Video interview on AIT, Fani Kayode also hinted at his support for a peaceful breakup of Nigeria, and insist that violence doesn't have to occur for a breakup to happen in Nigeria. What are your thoughts on all the utterances of FFK, on the issue of defending oneself? Let's get your opinion below.

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