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North Does Not Want Beer, FG Should Stop Giving Them Allocations Including Tax of Breweries [OPINION]

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The continuous destruction of Beers and alcoholic drinks in the North by Hisbah is no longer news to us. The act which is influenced by religious beliefs have seen businesses worth millions of Naira destroyed. 

While this has continued to go on for a while, the states involved have made it clear that they do not want those drinks in their region. However, these states have continued to benefit from the same products they do not want.

It should be recalled that the breweries which are responsible for the production of Beers in the country, pay monthly taxes to federal government. This money received in form of taxes are then, added to the country's Internally Generated Revenues, and shared to the 36 states and FCT as their monthly allocation. Looking at this, the North which has maintained that it does not want Beer can be argued to be like the case of a man who does not eat meat, but uses his teeth to share it for his Children.

It can be argued that despite the destruction of Beers in the North by Hisbah, the region still benefits from the business. One cannot say he does not drink the local gin (Ogogoro), but gladly consume it when mixed with roots alleged to be potent against malaria. As such, if the North does not want Beer in their region, this should not be regarded by others as a big deal. But the federal government should ensure that all allocations to states in the region, exclude funds generated from Beer business.

It is no doubt that the decision to destroy Beer drinks in the North is religiously influenced. As such, I have not put up this article to question the belief. Rather, to point out to the fact that if the region really want to avoid Beer, they should also avoid money generated from its sales. We cannot say we do not want Beer in our states, but are fast to receive money generated from the same business in other regions. Therefore, in order not to stain yourself, also avoid money generated from a forbidden business.