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Pray, Something Bad is Going to Happen in Nigeria in May - One of the NAF Pilots Predicted in April

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Less than a month ago, he shared a post on his Facebook wall predicting bloody May in Nigeria and called for prayers for the country. Was it a premonition or just some casual admonition that popped up from his mind?

Well, that is the story of Sgt Adesina Opeyemi Deeziah who died in the Beachcraft 350 aircraft that crashed on Friday and killed the Chief of Army Staff General Ibrahim Attahiru and 11 others.

Before his death Sgt Adesina Opeyemi Deeziah was one of the bright pilot officers in the Nigeria Airforce. A graduate of the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). Deeziah was highly regarded in the military because of his high IQ and ability to deliver on assignment. He was one of the officers involved in the bombing of Boko haram hideouts.

He was also a fun person to be with and that shows in some of the posts on social media. A month ago, he made a rather curious comment on Facebook that got people talking. At the time, many people dismissed it as an unintentional statement. But immediately after his plane crashed and killed every one on board, people began to read deeper meanings to the comment.

“Something bad is going to happen in Nigeria in May. This parable is heavy. Me and you need to pray for our country Nigeria,” he said in a post which was uploaded in April 2021.

Regrettably, its too late to pray because Sgt Adesina Opeyemi Deeziah is no more. And he left behind a very young family and a girl child that is barely six months. Its unfortunate because there will be no word strong enough to console his young wife and child.

It was only on March 10 that the couple celebrated their marriage anniversary. It was a moment they savor and relished with pomp and they looked forward to many more anniversaries together. But death has denied them of that future.

In a sweet anniversary message to her husband Mrs. Deeziah, described the pilot as the best man she has ever met and added that she couldn’t imagine herself being together with any other man.

“Merry Anniversary to us! May we enjoy many more years of life and moments together, may we have several times of celebrations together, and may the heaven smile on us as we celebrate our love today,” she said.

The ill-fated Beachcraft 350 aircraft which was conveying the Chief of Army Staff from Abuja to Kaduna for a meeting, crashed in Kaduna at about 6pm. According to reports, the crash was occasioned by a sudden change in weather which made the pilots loose control of the aircraft. Everybody on board the plane perished.

Since the death, Nigerians have been united in grieving the COAS and the others. He has been described as a hero by President Muhammadu Buhari who has assured that his effort to bring peace to Nigerian will not go in vain.

Source: Punch

What do you think about his report? Please share some kind words in the comments section to console the country and the family and friends of these heroes for their sacrifice.