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Ritual Money Don Enter - Reactions as Video of 2 Men Spray Money on Pastors in Church, Dishes New Notes Into Offering Basket Goes Viral

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- A video of two young men spraying money in the church instead of just dropping it in the offering baskets has gone viral

- Many tweeps wondered why a church would allow such behaviour when it is not a party venue

- In the short clip, the men threw money around as church members danced around them in excitement

When they talk about flamboyant money spraying, we think of parties and other social events. You would hardly think such would happen in the church.

A viral video shared online proved otherwise as young men throw money in the air without caution in the church as the choir sings on.

Men believed to be either elders or pastors danced as some gathered the avalanche on the floor. A part of the video showed two full basins of money.

After spraying some notes, the men kneeled amid the prophets, dipped their hands into their bags for more bunches as they threw more into the offering basins.

Nigerians on Twitter found the video quite hilarious as some said they just cannot imagine how they would react being in such an environment.

As at the time of writing this report, the video has been watched over 4,000 times with tens of comments.... Continue to Watch Video >>>
Below are some of the reactions:

@Thecatalyst6582 said:

"Most of these people called themselves and not God..this pastor cannot tell me he doesn’t know this is is either blood money or fraud money..sad watching this in the house of God."
@RealMykel24 said:

"These are yahoo boys that just got paid by their clients...... Messiahs will frown at these rot in his house now bureau De change."
@TumininuSimon said:

"Shameeeee... They've turned my father's house into a hole of thieves."
@JohnAkinkunmi3 said:

"Is this a church service or party ground... Haaa..."
@EHIJATOR_ said:

"Rituals money don enter, na like this them dey spend am. No legit worker or business owner spends money this way."