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Secondary School Children Captured Making Out in the Class [Watch Video]

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A video of high secondary school children has landed on Twitter and has made rounds across social media platforms where they are making out in the classroom. 

It is very saddening to come across such news that are tarnishing the name and dignity of Education. When Education is supposed to be one key element that lead the youth to a brighter future.

In the video, two school kids can be seen in the classroom. This has jeopardized the education system and has brought it into disrepute. Earlier another video was also trending, an inmate together with a female prison warder.

These school kids have done this under the current pandemic situation when parents are trying hard to keep their finances afloat with the already suffering economy.

Imagine when a parent send their children to school to better their lives and in return they are slapped with such devious acts. This shows that the world still needs prayers and some guidance to combat such behaviour.

As a teacher you stumble on your students doing this in class what will you do? 

As parents what will you do? Things are getting out of hand.