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See The Gigantic Cat Fish Caught By Residents Of Delta, It May Worth Millions Of Naira [Watch Video]

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Manner they say doesn't fall twice, but it seemed to have fallen the third time as residents of Delta pulled off a big catch after capturing a gigantic catch fish. As seen in the video shared, the gathered together to drag the fish out of the water and the joy on their faces speaks a lot. 

This is coming months after a fisherman caught a fish worth billions of Naira and ate it with his village people.

Flipping through people's reactions after watching the video, many were already contemplating of how to make a pepper soup out of it, the fish is just too massive that I feel it may worth millions of naira just like the blue marine fish a man caught and out of joy, ate it with his village people.

While some argued that the fish in the video ain't a catfish, I carried out a research to find out if cat fish exist in such a very big size because I haven't come across any. I discovered that a similar fish was caught in

[A fisherman holding a fish measured over 8 feet long and weighed more than 200 pounds]

It's left for these men who caught another gigantic fish to decide if they are to sell it or make a meal out of it. If you were in their shoes, what would you do?