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See How This Man Stole Meat From Abattoir and Hid it Inside his Clothes [Watch Video]

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On a daily basis, we see a lot of things on social media, and while scanning the web, I came across a video of a man who was arrested after going to an abattoir to steal meat. 

The man arrived at the abattoir with a crimson rope, which he tied around the meat and covered with his clothes. Those who apprehended him recorded him displaying how he cleverly knotted the meat and covered it with a polo.

The man was instructed to remove his clothing and face the camera. After removing the first, he was instructed to remove the second. Two animals were observed around his chest as he removed it, which he fastened with a crimson rope.

He was urged to turn around, and when he did, he noticed two meats. He did it in such a manner that no one would notice, but I am convinced that they observed him entering the abattoir and tracked him down to the point where he was apprehended.

 How could someone entrust his home to an abattoir in order to steal meat, knowing full well that the proprietors of the slaughterhouse paid the hunters who provided the animals?

Taking what does not belong to you is wrong no matter what. If he hadn't been caught, this man would have caused the meat's owner to flee in terror. As ethical citizens, let us do everything we can to avoid causing suffering to others while seeking to enjoy a pleasant life.

Have you ever seen something like this before?