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She Died The Following Day After People Noticed This On Her Wedding Day

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This woman didn't enjoy her marriage, as she died the following day after her wedding day. Is a bad story as she didn't live to go on her honeymoon with her husband.
On this two different pictures, the left picture was a wedding dress picture and the right picture was taken before the wedding. According to the right picture you will notice that her hand is fine, shows no problem.
Looking at the circled picture now, you will notice that this lady's health is not good as there is a drip niddle on her hand, and you asked yourself how was she discharge with a drip niddle.
According to this below screenshot, it is reported that this lady was getting married with a drip niddle on her hand and she died the following day, such a sad story about what happened to her and the husband.
What's your take on this matter, should the person who discharged her be held responsible or it's her own neglegence.