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She Sent me a 1 Second voice note and When I Called her Back, I Heard her Scream. Please Help - Lady

Insecurity issues have been the order of the day of recent as several cases of people going out, and not coming back as at when due keeps increasing. The economy too isn't really favourable which has resulted to people, seeking for paid employment which requires going for an interview, and hoping to get the job to so keep body and soul together.

However, a lady has taken to social media to cry out about her friend who went for a job interview, at airport road in Lagos state but wasn't back and she couldn't also reach her on phone. The lady whose name is Happiness said they were chatting on WhatsApp when she sent her a 1 second voice note, of which she had to call her back to know if she wanted to say something. According to Happiness, "immediately I called her, I heard her screaming".

The days aren't so good these days and one has to make proper research about a particular place or job, before going there on an interview. It's understandable that one needs to survive by any means possible, but having a proper understanding of where you're going to, beforehand can help salvage many problems that may arise.

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