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Story Of A Woman Abandoned For 42 Years Inside A Room That No One Ever Believed She Was Still Alive

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When Katerina was born in 1962, her parents had a great plan for her and everything was going on smoothly! She was healthy and brilliant just like other children in the neighborhood. At the age of 17, she suddenly had a mysterious disease that caused severe body pains.

As each day passed, it degenerated into serious case. They did what they could do medically but no solution was found. That was why they resulted to home traditional medicine, looking onto to God for miracle. Katerina was on this terrible condition when both parents died and was left with a younger sister! 

It got to a point, her sister couldn't cope again in terms of care because Katerina's situation was becoming terrible each passing day. She couldn't walk around, take bath, eat cut nails and can only lie down on her back with eyes facing upward.

The pains she used to experience each time her body was touched was becoming unbearable. This is how she was locked up inside a room for years! She used to have her menstrual period and urinate at a spot. Her room was stuffy, irritating and disgusting.

During the deadly genocide in Rwanda that lasted for more than 5 months, Katerina's sister ran for safety in the neighboring country and abandoned her to rot away. Her sister had thought she would die before returning to Rwanda but surprisingly, the woman survived the period!

When Afrimax Tv went to the place, it took a lot of persuasions before she could agree to let them bring her out of the messy room she had been abandoned for 42 years. It was such an emotional moment when she said she loves reading a lot and bible is her favorite book!

This story was heartbreaking to watch, how can they live her to die, and then be surprised to find her alive. This woman is very strong, she really looks very humble. God is great, and I have no doubt that HE has plan for and he will take care of her.

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